Merging pdf without ghostscript

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Eric Zhao
Eric Zhao am 17 Jul. 2017
Hi all, Is it possible to merge pdfs in matlab without using ghostscript? Thanks!
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Bereketab Gulai
Bereketab Gulai am 27 Jan. 2020
You say that you solved the issue using VBA code, could you share that VBA script, at least the basic structure.

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Guillaume am 17 Jul. 2017
Matlab has no built-in pdf handling capabilities and if it had it would likely use ghostscript behind the scene, so you've left with:
  • finding an alternative to ghostscript. ghostscript is the only open source pdf handling library I know.
  • write your own pdf handling code using the standard. Good luck with that, you'll be better off with ghostscript.
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Eric Zhao
Eric Zhao am 17 Jul. 2017
Thanks for your informative response!
Eric Zhao
Eric Zhao am 3 Aug. 2017
I solved the issue by letting Matlab executing vba code.

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Benjamin Großmann
Benjamin Großmann am 22 Mär. 2021
Four years later ... I contributed a tiny function to FEX to merge multiple pdfs without third party tools:

Bereketab Gulai
Bereketab Gulai am 28 Jan. 2020
You can still use Ghostscript along with append_pdfs.
  1. Install GS on your machine or get copy of it is files
  2. Store gs files with your application
  3. Copy append_pdfs and modify gs path to indicate where you hava gs...exe
  4. Use append_pdfs like usual
Tested VBA Code but it requires Adobe Standard or Pro, which not suitable.


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