Creating a list of components with their information

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Hello, I'm quite new to matlab and I've been browsing around the internet and youtube doing some tutorial stuff.
I'm going to do a summer internship at a company where I will be doing a database with their components and some information about their components, some estimations etc. I will be doing this in matlab because if I'm not able to finish it in the summer they can continue working on the matlab script.
So I'm just generally looking for information if someone can explain on point to somewhere on how to to such a list in matlab? Would really appreciate any information. I've been looking into using cell arrays, but are there maybe any better ways? It will be quite a long list with a lot of components and a variety of estimations and information about the components.
Really appreciate any helpful information!
dpb on 10 Jun 2017
How long would "quite a long list" be and what is "a lot" of components in round numbers?
I'd suggest at least look at doc for table and you might ask if they have the database toolbox also; perhaps there's a database already you can directly interact with which?

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Shruti Shivaramakrishnan
Shruti Shivaramakrishnan on 15 Jun 2017
There are multiple data types available that may be of help:
You could also use tables, or tall tables depending on the size of data, Structures etc.
You could also use the Databse toolbox to manipulate and store information:


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