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How to extract the first part of an array of strings by pattern?

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I have an array of strings: L_Name. Each string has several "_" in it. I would like to have an array that take the first part in each string by '_'. I tried to use strfind, or reg, but just cannot get it.
How to do that? Thanks! JF

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Stephen23 am 25 Mai 2017
Bearbeitet: Stephen23 am 25 Mai 2017
If you want the part of the string before the first underscore '_', then you can use regexp:
>> C = {'L_Name','Z_Y_X','Aaaa_BBBB','MMM'};
>> D = regexp(C,'[^_]+','once','match');
>> D{:}
ans = L
ans = Z
ans = Aaaa
ans = MMM
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 25 Mai 2017
The nice thing is, it also works for an array of strings (the new string data type that MATLAB now has) in addition to the cell array Stephen showed:
C = ["L_Name","Z_Y_X","Aaaa_BBBB","MMM"]
D = regexp(C,'[^_]+','once','match');

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