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Matlab's profiler does not show anything

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Dang Manh Truong
Dang Manh Truong on 30 Apr 2017
Answered: Jan on 30 Apr 2017
Hi, I'm trying optimize a program, yet for some reasons when the program stops, the profiler pops up yet it shows nothing (in the image). I don't know why it behaves that way. Please help me, thank you very much :)

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Stephen Cobeldick
Stephen Cobeldick on 30 Apr 2017
@Dang Manh Truong: how are you calling the profiler? How do you call the code that you want to profile? Does the code consist script/s or function/s?

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Jan on 30 Apr 2017
What appears, if you pull the horizontal scrollbar to the left?


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