Problem with displaying output of executable

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I have a function which produces a string output:
out = myfunction(arg1, arg2)
The last line of the function is disp(out).
I used the deploytool to produce an executable (for Windows). However, when I call myfunction arg1 arg2 in cmd, I do not see any output.
I know the function is working correctly because if I replace disp by writing to a file, that works.
Also what is strange is that if I replace disp() by error(), I do see the error message.
Has anybody had this problem?

Accepted Answer

Kevin Holst
Kevin Holst on 27 Mar 2012
If you're compiling it as a 'Windows Standalone Application' switch that to a 'Console Standalone Application'.

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Antti on 26 Jan 2018
Note that in R2017b (and possibly beyond) on Windows 10, no output is printed on the Windows command prompt even if you launch the executable from command prompt, unless you uncheck "Do not display the Windows command shell (console) for execution" under "Additional runtime settings" in the Application Compiler tool of MATLAB Compiler.
ratnesh pandey
ratnesh pandey on 29 Jul 2020
@Antti Yes, that was the case with me. Thanks. I am using R2017b and only after unchecking the checkbox I am getting the result on console.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 27 Mar 2012
Did you use the -e option to suppress the console window? If so there is no place for things like disp() and fprintf(1,...) to output to. Otherwise they should show up in the console window (the black box window).

Veronika on 27 Mar 2012
Kevin, your solution helped, thanks! I thought the problem was elsewhere and did not consider the type of compiling.
Image Analyst, I used the deploytool with the default option (probably without supressing, because it works now).
Thanks for the quick replies!


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