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How to convert several 2d images into a single 3d image in matlab code?

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i am studying masters degree.. i need a matlab code for converting 2D images from different angle to a single 3D image..can anyone help me as soon as possible.. thanks in advance

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Thorsten am 10 Apr. 2017
Bearbeitet: Thorsten am 10 Apr. 2017
To concatenate four 2D images of the same size along the 3rd dimension, use:
I = cat(3, I1, I2, I2, I4);
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 14 Aug. 2017
If they're taken from different angles, that may look like nonsense. You may have to do filtered back projection with the inverse radon transform. That's how it's done with CT.
UBAID ULLAH am 8 Mai 2018
sir can you please share the code for above mentioned problem? @Image Analyst .

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