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i want save the table in file on my computer , i wrote the following but display error ? what should i do ?

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save Table3; fname='newfile.xlsx'; xlswrite(fname,Table3);
Error using save Unable to write file Table3: permission denied.
Error in two (line 261) save Table3;

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Jan am 30 Jan. 2017
You do not have write permissions in the current folder. This is solved by specifiying a valid folder:
folder = tempdir;
fname = fullfile(folder, 'newfile.xlsx');
save(fname, 'Table3');
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mohammed elmenshawy
mohammed elmenshawy am 30 Jan. 2017
i wrote folder = tempdir; fname = fullfile(folder, 'newfile.xlsx'); save(fname, 'Table3'); file_location = which('newfile.xlsx') and the file that contains the table does not appear after
Jan am 31 Jan. 2017
@mohammed: The file is saved in the folder, which is defined by the tempdir command. Type this in the command window:
Of course you can use any otehr folder also, but I could not guess which folder you want. Therefore I've chosen tempdir as example:
folder = 'C:\Data\YourFolder\xyz;
fname = fullfile(folder, 'newfile.xlsx');
save(fname, 'Table3');
You can use uigetfolder also to select a folder in a GUI, or the output of userpath.

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Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins am 31 Jan. 2017
Also, if you mean "table" as in the data type whose class is table, don't use xlswrite, use writetable.


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