imread error: Unable to determine the file format.

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norah ik
norah ik on 31 Dec 2016
Edited: norah ik on 31 Dec 2016
EDIT:: problem solved, reason for crash is corrupted image files.
i have the following code, it calculate the mean image of multiple of images (under frames folder)
i tested the same code with 40 images and it worked fine.
cd '/Users/macuser/Desktop/frames/';
fileList= dir('frame*.png');
listLength= length(fileList);
im= rgb2gray(imread(fileList(1,1).name));
sumImage= double(im);
for i=2:listLength
grayImage= rgb2gray(imread(fileList(i,1).name));
sumImage = sumImage + double(grayImage);
meanImage = sumImage/listLength;
however when i tested it with 100 images i get the error [Unable to determine the file format.]
Error using imread (line 362)
Unable to determine the file format.
Error in framesMean (line 24)
grayImage= rgb2gray(imread(fileList(i,1).name));
i've tried to trace the error, line 24 which is causing the error works fine when i get it out of the loop.
fileList(i,1).name gets the full file name including the file extension ( png).
i can't find the cause of the error. any help would be appreciated.
norah ik
norah ik on 31 Dec 2016
i came back to clarify, its working now.
seems like what you said, i noticed the counter i stopping at value 31, i checked that file it seems to be corrupted.
i regenerate the frames out of the video again and its working fine now with over 400 frames.
thanks a lot.

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