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imshow multiple pgm files from different subfolders

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monkey_matlab am 11 Nov. 2016
I have 40 sub folders each with 10 images per subfolder. Each pgm image is 112 x 92.
I wanted to generate 8 figures. Each figure should have 10 images per line (= 1 folder per line). Therefore, each figure will contain 5 folders, giving a total of 50 images per figure. How do I go about showing these images in this specific format?
Here is the code to extract the images:
for i=1:numFolders
for j=1:number_images
hold on
cd ..
hold off
I have also attached the first folder of images.
Thanks for your time and help.
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Hafizullah ozgur
Hafizullah ozgur am 7 Apr. 2017
imshow images from subfolders of a folder. Can you help me how to imshow images from subfolders of a folder. for example there is a folder and in the folder there 241 folders, each folder contains 5 or more images. I want to process them or show them in matlab . do you have codes for this problem. i will be glad for helping

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 11 Nov. 2016
imshow() is supposed to be able to show images. If it doesn't work for your pgm images, then call tech support.


Mehr zu Image Processing Toolbox finden Sie in Help Center und File Exchange



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