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ace327 am 29 Jul. 2016
Beantwortet: Michelle Hirsch am 1 Aug. 2016
I am not sure if this is the right place to ask but what's the best way to smoothly transition between two licenses?
I have been using a license that expires on August 1st (today is July 29th). So I purchased a new license today so that there is not discontinuation of services the next few days. When I tried to activate the new license, it asked me to deactivate my old one (so I did). But when I tried to reactivate my software with my new license, the confirmation screen told me that it will expire on August 1st 2016 (which is in 3 days). I thought that maybe I have to activate it after August 1st 2016 to apply it on the 2016-2017 term. So I tried reactivating with the old license (which has 3 more days left on it), but was told it's an outdated license...
What's going on? Did I just get into this mess by trying to plan ahead?
Thank you!!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 29 Jul. 2016
No, it's not the best place. We can't do anything with your license just like you can't do anything with my license. The best/only way to handle licensing and installation issues is to call the Mathworks directly.

Michelle Hirsch
Michelle Hirsch am 1 Aug. 2016
My recommendation would be to contact support. You can reach them here:


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