How can I overlap two images/pictures in Matlab?

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Zubair Nizamani
Zubair Nizamani on 14 Jul 2016
Commented: mohammed alany on 31 Mar 2019
I am trying to overlap two pictures one of them is in .jpg file and other is contour plot from MATlab. I want to overlap on one an other to compare the contour lines. Does any body know what code can be or any manual way?

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David Young
David Young on 14 Jul 2016
You can use hold to superimpose contour lines on an image. Here's an example:
% Get an image from a jpg file
img = imread('street1.jpg');
% display it
% superimpose a contour map (in this case of the image brightness)
hold on;
contour(rgb2gray(img), 5);
hold off;
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 9 Apr 2017
What do you want to do with the rows that have missing measurements? Ignore them? Interpolate them?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 14 Jul 2016
There is a function for that. It's called imfuse().

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