Luminance correction for colored images using SHINE toolbox

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Wieke van Leeuwen
Wieke van Leeuwen on 4 Jul 2016
Edited: Rodrigo Souza on 28 Jan 2019
Unable to create colored images with equalized luminance with SHINE toolbox (images I've put in the input folder are colored, however the images in output folder are in grey scale), no error is given.

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Rodrigo Souza
Rodrigo Souza on 28 Jan 2019
Edited: Rodrigo Souza on 28 Jan 2019
Hi all,
I have put together three scripts for calculating (mean and SD), matching or normalizing luminance of colored images (using HSV and CIE Lab color spaces).
They may be specially useful for pupillometry measures of infant research.
The scripts and their descriptions are available at my OSF page:
Hope it helps.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 4 Jul 2016
Edited: Image Analyst on 19 Sep 2016
I've never heard of the SHINE toolbox. It's not one that the Mathworks sells. Do you have a reference?
To equalize luminance, convert to hsv or lab color space, then set the L or v channel to a constant, then convert back to rgb color space.
ANA BUJAN on 21 Sep 2016
Many thanks for your patience. Yeah, that was the reason why the images remained the same... Nevertheless, I'm not using a specific set of images for computing the meanLuminancevalue, instead I would like to use the whole set of images for doing that. Then, the reference images for computing the mean and for matching the luminance are the same.
I'm attaching five images from my set. Again, thank you.

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