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How do i plot a scatter plot of wind speed and wind direction?

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Parth Sarathi
Parth Sarathi on 27 Jun 2016
How do i plot a scatter plot of wind speed and wind direction with wind speed represented by different colours indicating different wind speeds by a colorbar. I have attached an input data file and a sample output file. Kindly suggest how to do the same.


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dpb on 28 Jun 2016
The color appears to be actual wind speed, not sure what the radial position is, either, that goes from 0-15 "somethings". But, without it, there'd be just a blob in the middle but can't think what else it might be, either. There's still something funky going on w/ the links that can't download a file as anything but text from this browser which obviously doesn't work for a .xls file so can't look at his data file unfortunately.
dpb on 28 Jun 2016
Yea, I still get an ascii rendition in the saved file...

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Jun 2016
How about scatter()? You can input the color of each marker if you want. Or if you want to indicate direction, use quiver().

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dpb on 28 Jun 2016
Tough w/ scatter to do the polar coordinates, though...Matlab is very limited when get out of the x-y 2D plotting.
Seems like the solution may be a two-axes plot w/ the data plotted suitably transformed via scatter over a polar axes...but the question asked above of what's actually being plotted is a good one...

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Muhammad Usman  Saleem
Muhammad Usman Saleem on 28 Jun 2016
you may try quever plot to show winds speed and direction vector.


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