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Importing a particular range of data in datetime format

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navan am 16 Mai 2016
Bearbeitet: Guillaume am 16 Mai 2016
I have a following excel data named 'm' and in the second sheet i want to import the time series in datetimeformat.
A B C;
12/28/2015 17:13 6.14E-08 1.48E-07;
12/28/2015 17:23 1.47E-07 3.44E-07;
12/28/2015 17:33 6.25E-08 1.51E-07;
12/28/2015 17:43 1.49E-07 3.51E-07;
12/28/2015 17:53 1.53E-07 3.63E-07;
I want to import the collumn A (timeseries). For the same i use following xlsread but i get a null matrix
timee=datetime(xlsread('m','No distribution','A2:A5'));
Kindly help , how can i import collumn A in datetimeformat.

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