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What is the N coefficient filter in simulink?

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Rikke Pedersen
Rikke Pedersen on 3 May 2016
What is the N coefficient filter in simulink? What effect does it have on the PID controller?


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Vaibhav Awale
Vaibhav Awale on 6 May 2016
Hi Rikke,
Please refer to this post:
The filter coefficient is used to implement derivative action. Since implementing something like "Kd*s" is not possible since implementing improper transfer function is not possible. Hence instead of "Kd*s", we do something like:
So if N is sufficiently large, it tends to "Kd*s"
Hope this helps.

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José Miguel Riquelme Domínguez
José Miguel Riquelme Domínguez on 8 May 2020 at 10:44
Hi Vaibhav, I have the following question: how can implement in Simulink a PID expressed like this? I'm not able to put it in Simulink's form. Thanks for your help,
José Miguel

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