is there image dataset for (lying - sleeping) activity recognition??

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Hi all,
I am trying to do activity recognition model based computer vision, I used four classes (walking, sitting, standing, and lying).
there are many dataset images for the first three classes but unfortunately I could not find for lying to use it for training.
would you please help me
Mammo Image
Mammo Image on 28 Apr 2016
actually I think it is very difficult as Analyst says, I ll try to collect my friends and record a video for every one of them in lying position then I ll get each frame from this video ... wish this will be helpful (*-*)

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Answers (2)

Meade on 25 Apr 2016
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Mammo Image
Mammo Image on 25 Apr 2016
thanks for your response, but unfortunately I am using activity recognition based computer vision.

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Mammo Image
Mammo Image on 27 Apr 2016
what happened? no answer is available?? is there a website provides a lying datasets?

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