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winopen error when trying to open a directory

Asked by Yuval Weissler on 10 Mar 2016
Latest activity Answered by Yuval Weissler on 13 Mar 2016
I tend to use the winopen function alot, to open files with their default program, or directories locations with windows explorer.
I've recently replaced my PC with a laptop (both were 64bit), and all of the sudden, winopen stopped working when trying to open a directory. The following exception is thrown: The file name association is incomplete or invalid (from win_open_mex).
It's important to emphasize that my code hasn't changed, and it's worked before. Also, when trying a Matlab example: winopen(which('meshgrid')), the function works.
Please help :)


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2 Answers

Answer by Jan
on 10 Mar 2016

The error message sounds, like you try to open a file but do not associated it with a program. Please post the failing command and not only the working code.


The failing code, for example, is winopen(pwd)
on 10 Mar 2016
An what is the answer of "pwd"? Perhaps you've defined this accidently as a variable before?
No, it's legit. Also, like I've said, it's an example. No directory opens, and code that once worked and hasn't changed, now stopped working.
My guess is that the problem is outside Matlab, but I don'n know what.

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Answer by Yuval Weissler on 13 Mar 2016



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