Plot a function in a for loop

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Max on 18 Jan 2016
Edited: Stephen23 on 18 Jan 2016
the MATLAB code (attached file) should calculate a function for a number of different data-sets. These data-sets will be generated by the boostrap-algorythm in a for loop. So, I´ll get one function Rnum (reliability) for each loop, depending on the estimated parameters (beta, B and C). That parameters will be calculated by maximizing the log.likelihoodfunction.
That what I would like to do is, to calculate these (reliability) functions for each iteration und to plot all thas functions in one diagramm. But I have the problems with the indices.
Can someone solve my problem, please?
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Stephen23 on 18 Jan 2016
Your files are not attached. Please edit your question, click the paperclip button, then both the Choose file and Attach file buttons.

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