Link data through timestamps

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loes visser
loes visser on 18 Dec 2015
Edited: loes visser on 18 Dec 2015
I loaded monitoringsdata in matlab as arrays.
As an example;
[1-1-2015 0:00 20.0] [1-1-2015 0:01 154]
[1-1-2015 0:10 22.0] [1-1-2015 0:25 258]
[1-1-2015 0:20 10.0] [1-1-2015 0:33 598]
[1-1-2015 0:30 20.3] [1-1-2015 0:45 458]
[1-1-2015 0:40 14.7] [1-1-2015 0:58 987]
[1-1-2015 0:50 18.6]
[1-1-2015 1:00 13.9]
I want to plot(A,B) (or the other way around).
I want MATLAB to search for corresponding timestamps and link the data.
Most of the data is collected with an interval of 10min, but some data is random collected in time or with an interval of 1 min.
So not all arrays have the same lenght.
For example, I want 1-1-2015 0:40 to correspond with a datapoint (or the avarage of points) between 1-1-2015 0:35 and 1-1-2015 0:44.
Is it possible to do this with MATLAB? If yes, how?
I couldn't find much usefull material on the internet.
Thank you!
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Jan on 18 Dec 2015
The type and size of A and B and their elements is not clear. Perhaps you mean a string like: '1-1-2015 0:00 20.0', or a cell string like {'1-1-2015 0:00', '20.0'} or a mixed cell like {'1-1-2015 0:00', 20.0} or whatever. Please post the data in a format, which recreates it, when the readers insert it in the command window by copy&paste.

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Jan on 18 Dec 2015
Convert the dates and times to Matlab's datenum format. Then find the corresponding bins using histcounts.
Explicite code can be posted, if you specify the data format uniquely.
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loes visser
loes visser on 18 Dec 2015
Edited: loes visser on 18 Dec 2015
Thank you!
I converted the dates with datenum myself, but I cant figure out how histcounts works.
Tab1 = P(1).week2{1};
Tab1_DateTime = datenum({Tab1{2:end,1}},'mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM:SS AM'); % 11/9/2011 21:05:00 AM
tab1_column2 = [Tab1{2:end,a+1}];
tab1_column3 = [Tab1{2:end,a+2}];
tab1_column4 = [Tab1{2:end,a+3}];
Tab2 = P(1).week2{2};
Tab2_DateTime = datenum({Tab2{2:end,1}},'mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM:SS AM'); % 11/9/2011 12:05:00 AM
tab2_column2 = [Tab2{2:end,a+1}];
tab2_column3 = [Tab2{2:end,a+2}];
tab2_column4 = [Tab2{2:end,a+3}];
tab2_column5 = [Tab2{2:end,a+4}];
tab2_column6 = [Tab2{2:end,a+5}];
The data is al converted into P, with multiple weeks and multiple persons.
First I make a variable per tab of the excel file, in addition I make an array of each colomn seperatly.
The dimensions of most of the arrays are 1008x1 (double).
I want for example to plot(tab1_column3,tab2_column4)

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