How to save struct data from struct to excel?

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Ann G
Ann G on 4 Dec 2015
Answered: Raj Sodhi on 29 Sep 2019
How can I save the output data of my matlab code in an excel file when the data are struct?

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Guillaume on 4 Dec 2015
We could do with a lot more details about what you want to do. Do you want the field names to be saved? Is the structure scalar or an array? But at the simplest:
writetable(struct2table(yourstructure), 'someexcelfile.xlsx')
Note that Excel is a tabular format, whereas structures are not. The two are not really the same thing.
Muhammad Amirul Hafiz Sahful Bahri
I have an error something like this,
Error using struct2table (line
Input structure must be a
scalar structure, or a
structure array with one column
or one row.
Error in beginner (line 17)
How can i solve this problem?

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Raj Sodhi
Raj Sodhi on 29 Sep 2019
In some cases you have a struct as an element of a struct. So I found it necessary to find only those an output those to the Excel file.
txt = fieldnames(strct) ;
sel = ones(size(txt)) ;
for i = 1:length(txt)
sel(i) = isstruct(strct.(txt{i})) ;
i_not_struct = find(~sel) ;
i_struct = find(sel) ;
x = [fieldnames(strct) struct2cell(strct)] ;
xlswrite(xlsfile ,x(i_not_struct,:),1,'a1') ; % winopen(xlsfile)
Then I treat the struct elements separately, as shown in the attached file.

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