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HDL Advisor Crashing on startup; Error using sdi.Reposi​tory/getPr​operty

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This was all working fine than suddenly I cannot run hdladvisor
I try to execute the following : hdladvisor('hdlcoder_sfir_fixed_stream/DUT'); And I get the following : Error using sdi.Repository/getProperty An internal error has occurred. Restart MATLAB before proceeding. If this problem persists, please contact MathWorks.
Error in ModelAdvisor.Repository/loadData Error in ModelAdvisor.Repository/loadLatestData Error in Simulink.ModelAdvisor/initData Error in Simulink.ModelAdvisor/init Error in Advisor.Application/updateModelAdvisorObj Error in Advisor.Application/setAnalysisRoot Error in Simulink.ModelAdvisor.getModelAdvisor>loc_createApplication Error in Simulink.ModelAdvisor.getModelAdvisor Error in hdlwa.getHdladvObj Error in utilHDLAdvisorStart
Restart MATLAB doesn't help, neither does Simulink.sdi.discardDataFromPriorSessions
Please help, Regards, Bob. Error in hdladvisor
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chengxuan yu
chengxuan yu am 14 Jul. 2017
Hello, I met this issue when I use Model Advisor.
You can use this command in the Command Window: simulink SDI Data container
Hope this method can help those who met the same issue.

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali am 2 Mai 2021
This is issue is not reproducible.
>> hdladvisor('hdlcoder_sfir_fixed_stream/DUT')
Updating Model Advisor cache...
Model Advisor cache updated. For new customizations, to update the cache, use the Advisor.Manager.refresh_customizations method.
hdlcoder_sfir_fixed_stream is saved with FPGA target settings, so make sure you have corresponding hdltoolsetup
help hdlsetuptoolpath


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