How does on create a vector of class based on class name given as string?

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John on 25 May 2015
Edited: Stephen on 25 May 2015
Suppose I have a function that should create and return a vector of a certain class where the class name is passed in as a char array (i.e. string). Is it possible to do this in MATLAB? It's certainly possible if you hard-code in the class name. But I would like to be able to pass into the function the name of the class I want to create an array of. The function prototype look like this:
%vector_size is the number of elements in the vector
%element_type is the type of element the vector will initially contain (a class)
function vector = createVector(vector_size, element_type)
And suppose I have a hypothetical class called ElementA, I would create a vector of ElementA with 5 elements like this:
myvector = createVector(5, 'ElementA')
How could one go about doing this?

Answers (2)

Stephen on 25 May 2015
Edited: Stephen on 25 May 2015
With the inbuilt data classes you can use cast:
>> A = [1,2,3]
A =
1 2 3
>> class(A)
ans =
>> B = cast(A,'uint64')
B =
1 2 3
>> class(B)
ans =
EDIT: use cast instead of typecast, as per Walter Roberson's suggestion.

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