changing the name of the excel file using ActXserver

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How can I change the name of the excel file using Actxserver?
for example science.xls to maths.xls
Is it possible??
Is there some other way to do it?
Thanks you
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Guillaume am 21 Mai 2015
Bearbeitet: Guillaume am 21 Mai 2015
Note that actxserver is just a way of interfacing with COM interfaces. There are many such COM interfaces. For example you could interact with the COM interface of Scripting.FileSystemObject and do the rename this way in a very roundabout way.
You probably meant to ask how to rename an excel file using Excel COM interface (invoked through actxserver('Excel.Application')). This is not possible this way, since it's not possible in excel. The best you can do is save the file with a different name.
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Guillaume am 21 Mai 2015
The fact the file is an excel file is pretty much irrelevant. You just want to rename a file, which is achieved by movefile regardless of the type of the file.
movefile('science.xls', 'math.xls')
Of course, the file must not be opened for the rename to succeed.

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Thomas Koelen
Thomas Koelen am 21 Mai 2015
You could read the file with
then save it with the name you want with

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