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Excel header title from html code

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Julián Francisco
Julián Francisco on 20 Nov 2011
I have a GUI with an uitable whose header's title (variable "header") uses html code. I want to export the uitable data (included its header) to an Excel spreadsheet. This is the code written for this task:
%# header = get(htable,'ColumnName');
header = {'<center>Component X<br />(km/s<sup>2</sup>)</center>', ...
'<center>Component Y<br />(km/s<sup>2</sup>)</center>', ...
'<center>Component Z<br />(km/s<sup>2</sup>)</center>'},
numeric_data = rand(3,3);
data_Matrix = [header ; num2cell(numeric_data)],
However, I can not get Excel spreadsheet header title appears written correctly.

Accepted Answer

Jan on 21 Nov 2011
What happens in the Excel display? Does Excel display HTML formatting at all?
You can try this:
LF = char(10);
Sq = char(178);
header = {['Component X', LF, '(km/s', Sq, ')'], ...
['Component Y', LF, '(km/s', Sq, ')'], ...
['Component Z', LF, '(km/s', Sq, ')']};
[EDITED: Missing quotes inserted]
Julián Francisco
Julián Francisco on 22 Nov 2011
@Jan Simon: Yes, I did. Thank you back.

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