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Html code used along with Matlab

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Julián Francisco
Julián Francisco on 20 Nov 2011
I have recently found that Matlab can use LaTeX character sequences. However, they only can be used by the functions text, title, xlabel, ylabel and zlabel. I have designed a GUI in which has an uitable. Its header is a string that uses HTML code and looks like this:
header = {'<center>Component X<br />(km/s^2)</center>', ...
'<center>Component Y<br />(km/s^2)</center>', ...
'<center>Component Z<br />(km/s^2)</center>'};
My intention is replacing s^2 with s squared. Because of I can not use LaTeX characters inside the string "header" (at least I had tried it and it did not work), I would like to know how I could do it if I use HTML code which I do not know.

Accepted Answer

Jan on 20 Nov 2011
Another approach:
header = {'<center>Component X<br />(km/s&sup2;)</center>', ...
'<center>Component Y<br />(km/s&sup2;)</center>', ...
'<center>Component Z<br />(km/s&sup2;)</center>'};
Well, the display of the HTML characters in this forum drives my crazy. Th "²" is written as "& s u p 2 ;" without the spaces.
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Julián Francisco
Julián Francisco on 20 Nov 2011
@Jan Simon: Thank you for your answer.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Nov 2011
header = {'<center>Component X<br>(km/s<sup><font size="-1">2</font></sup>)</center>', ...
'<center>Component Y<br />(km/s<sup><font size="-1">2</font></sup>)</center>', ...
'<center>Component Z<br />(km/s<sup><font size="-1">2</font></sup>)</center>'};
Note: you can leave off the </html> tags in practice.
Julián Francisco
Julián Francisco on 20 Nov 2011
@Walter Roberson: Thank you for your explanation. However, if both codes are HTML's ones, they should work correctly, independently of its general or particular character (I do not understand nothing. It should be matters of computing).

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