How to compute P.S.N.R value for the below set of images?

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Sandeep V
Sandeep V am 12 Mai 2015
Kommentiert: Sandeep V am 13 Mai 2015
I would request anybody to provide me with code to compute the PSNR value for the below pair of images. I want to compare output1.png with o.png, o2.png with output2.png? Please help?

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Thomas Koelen
Thomas Koelen am 12 Mai 2015
If you have the image processing toolbox you can use the function:
peaksnr = psnr(A,ref)
where A is your output1 and ref is o.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 13 Mai 2015
Of course not. psnr is a measure of how close two images are to each other, not an overall assessment of which image is "better".
Sandeep V
Sandeep V am 13 Mai 2015
OK then what does this 28.241 suggest? Can you please explain?

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