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Save a plot to a graphics format file

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I am designed the following GUI where there are an axes. I want to save the plot drawn inside them to a graphics format file. However, the file obtained is an image of the overall figure window. This is my code:
X = 0:pi/100:2*pi;
Y = sin(X);
fh = figure;
Pan1 = uipanel(fh,'Units','normalized','Position',[0 0 0.5 1],'title',...
Pan2 = uipanel(fh,'Units','normalized','Position',[0.5 0 0.5 1],'title',...
haxes = axes('Parent',Pan2,'Units', 'normalized','Position',...
[0.25 0.25 0.5 0.5]);
hplot = plot(haxes,X,Y);
FileName = uiputfile('*.bmp;*.png;*.jpg;*.tif','Save as');
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 25 Mar 2018
I should have warned of this earlier. Beware of using norhan's code. It only works if there is no scaling/zooming/fitting of the image to the axes. To illustrate that, just run this code:
rgbImage = imread('C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2018a\toolbox\images\imdata\concordaerial.png');
A = getframe(gca)
You'll see
Warning: Image is too big to fit on screen; displaying at 33%
> In images.internal.initSize (line 71)
In imshow (line 336)
In test5 (line 10)
ans =
2036 3060 3
A =
struct with fields:
cdata: [679×1020×3 uint8]
colormap: []
Note how the size goes from 2036x3060 to 679x1020?
So A.cdata is not the same size as the original image!
It is the displayed size.

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 16 Nov 2011
Ah yes, finally our daily "how do I save a figure?" question. Please refer to the FAQ: where you'll see reference to the most downloaded File Exchange submission, export_fig(). Just use that and simplify your life. Braving it alone with low level MATLAB code is not for the faint of heart or novices, and often causes problems as you now have seen.
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Julián Francisco
Julián Francisco on 16 Nov 2011
@Image Analyst: Thank you so much for your answer.

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Ben on 16 Nov 2011
Most easy way is to make a print:
print( h, '-djpeg', 'test.jpg');
It will print the current view of the plot to your workspace....
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Julián Francisco
Julián Francisco on 16 Nov 2011
@Ben: Thank you for your answer. However, I have tried it adding
to my code but it does not work.

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