nargout with class method handles

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Markus Leuthold
Markus Leuthold am 22 Apr. 2015
Beantwortet: Guillaume am 22 Apr. 2015
Assume you have the following class
classdef MyClass
function fcn(~)
The following call of nargout
always returns -1, no matter how many output arguments the function has. Why is that?
I'm aware this already has been discussed here, but the proposed workaround
is not suitable if you only know the function handle. The provided answer is already 5 years old, is there an update on this shortcoming?

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Guillaume am 22 Apr. 2015
With no guarantee that it works in all cases, this may be a workaround (not a pretty one):
function nout = nargout_for_class_fhandle(fhandle)
finfo = functions(fhandle);
fwspace = finfo.workspace{1};
wspacefields = fieldnames(fwspace);
mc = metaclass(fwspace.(wspacefields{1}));
searchnames = cellfun(@(name) sprintf('%s//.%s', wspacefields{1}, name), {mc.MethodList.Name}, 'UniformOutput', false);
midx = find(regexp(finfo.function, searchnames, 'once'));
mm = mc.MethodList(midx);
nout = numel(mm.OutputNames);
I've not put any error checking in there and because it attempts to find the method name in the body of the anonymous function code it could be defeated.


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