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How to find norm of a 3 X 1 matrix if it contains components in parametric form?

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%i have this coupler matrix in parametric form
syms t
coupler_parametric=[5163136522924301/2251799813685248, 2^(1/2)/2 - (8*t)/(t^2 + 1), - (4*(t^2 - 1))/(t^2 + 1) - 2];
i want to find magnitude of this matrix in terms of t
please someone help

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Matt J
Matt J am 2 Jun. 2024
syms t
2^(1/2)/2 - (8*t)/(t^2 + 1), - (4*(t^2 - 1))/(t^2 + 1) - 2];
ans = 
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Matt J
Matt J am 2 Jun. 2024
Bearbeitet: Matt J am 2 Jun. 2024
But i think that there is mistake in calculating square of this term and adding 5163136522924301/2251799813685248.
What is your basis for distrusting the calculation?
Aman am 2 Jun. 2024
see 5163136522924301/2251799813685248 this number is greater than 1 ,so its square should be greater than 1 which i thought by seeing the output square which seems less than 1,which i misunderstood.
Thanks for your answer!!

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