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Examples of Simulink models of spacecraft subsystems controlled by FPGA algorithms

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According to the documentation, Matlab/Simulink provides a number of tools for developing spacecraft systems. Among them, keywords such as: Satellite Communications Toolbox, Building Satellite Communication Systems, Satellite Scenario Modeling, SatCom Link Simulation, Model Spacecraft, Satellite Mission Analysis.
According to this link [MATLAB and Simulink for Space Systems], we can also use Matlab and Simulink for "Analyze RF and digital communications subsystems and deploy the algorithms on FPGAs".
I would like to use some of these tools, as well as models of spacecraft subsystems, to debug and simulate FPGA algorithms.
Unfortunately, I did not find examples of such models and tutorials in the documentation and other sources. Can anyone help me with this and suggest some good examples of spacecraft subsystem models controlled by FPGA algorithms?

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali am 5 Mai 2024


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