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HOW TO: Object detection using automotive RADAR

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abderrahim laitouss
abderrahim laitouss am 20 Apr. 2024
I'm working on an automotive RADAR ( FMCW) for object detection specially pedestrians.
And i want to make a prototype of my system, then testing using the HIL (Hardware In Loop ) Method.
Also i'm working on a GUI using CAN.
If you can provide any informations or advice it will very apperiated.
Here is my contact in case someone needs more DATA about the project:

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali am 20 Apr. 2024
You should explore HDL Coder based examples in these two products
Deep Learning HDL Toolbox: (DL Model to FPGA/SoC/ASIC)
Simscape HDL Workflow: (Plant Model to FPGA/SoC/ASIC)
Can you share your sample DL network and HIL model for further guidance?
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abderrahim laitouss
abderrahim laitouss am 21 Apr. 2024
Thank you for your answer.
I will take a look at it, basecly my model now is based on the FMCW trackinnhg model ( in the mathworks example). And at the same time i'm designing my PCB using ALTIUM DESIGNER, after that i will start teh HIL testing.

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