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Export uitable's data to a spreadsheet Excel

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I have designed a GUI which has an uitable and a push button which, when is pressed, allows to export the uitable's data to an Excel spreadsheet. My problem is that I want to add the uitable's headers to the matrix Select which has the numeric values. This matrix is used by the pushbutton callback, as seen below:
htable = uitable(...);
SelecY = get(htable,'Data');
Callback of the pushbutton
function hExpExcelCallback(src,evt)
FileName = uiputfile('*.xls','Save as');

Accepted Answer

Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 9 Nov 2011
You need to do some processing in the case that the table data is all numerical, because the column header is returned in a cell array. The following example uses a uitable, but should apply to the table you have in your GUI as long as you have the handle.
Vito Marangelli
Vito Marangelli on 1 Jan 2015
I have the same problem and I would like to know if Excel for Mac can be used with the command xlswrite

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