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Ehtisham am 1 Dez. 2023
Beantwortet: Image Analyst am 4 Dez. 2023
Dear fellows
I want to create a app using appdisgner for my code. I write a code but its not working and giving me the output that i required . kindly help me out of this sitaution.
Peak value of Ligand Receptor: 85.7664 Time at which peak arise: 2.7 Steady state: 44.6064 time form peak to 50 percent : 2.5 Peak to steady state ratio: 1.9227
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 4 Dez. 2023
So all you are missing is the time for the peak to reach 50% decrease?
Ehtisham am 4 Dez. 2023
yes and am new to app designer. Can you please modify the code in the attach file.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 1 Dez. 2023
@Walter Roberson says your script runs without error. So once you have that you can start a new App Designer app, place a pushbutton it it that says "Go!" for the text property, and then paste your script into the callback function for that pushbutton.
If you have any more questions, then attach your data and .mlapp file with the paperclip icon after you read this:

Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 4 Dez. 2023
I made some fixes to it but it still doesn't plot anything. It runs without errors though. See attached.


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