How can I split comma-separated characters inside a cell of a cell array?

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I have Cell array element extracted from xls file as
first I want to count the words with delimeter as",", then assign values to these as
I tried strsplit by converting the cell to string but it gave same string as
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Stephen23 am 12 Nov. 2023
Bearbeitet: Stephen23 am 12 Nov. 2023
"About assigning variables i am not doing it dynamically. I call these splitted words as values and I will assign the numbers to the words in alphabetical order."
That sounds exactly like dynamically creating variable names using meta-data (and is also what you show in your question).
A table may be a good choice for that data.
Kyle am 18 Nov. 2023
How are you getting this cell array from the .xls file? It sounds like you might be able to simplify your code a lot if you let MATLAB import the data for you. You could use the Import Tool or Live Editor Import Data task and either will give you reusable code to import from that file programatically. Alternatively, if you already know your data, you could also write your own code using readtable to import data with row names.

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Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes am 4 Jan. 2024
C = 1×1 cell array
ans = 5×1 cell array
{'NORMAL'} {'HI' } {'LOW' } {'MEDIUM'} {'OUTOFR'}


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