How to model tanks with inlets above liquid level - partially filled pipes missunderstood?

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Hi everyone,
See last comment:
  • perpetuum mobilé with partially filled pipe (IL) blocks
I am trying to model a system in Simscape and Simscape Fluids which looks like the following scheme:
Somehow I cannot figure out how to face the limitations of the Tank (IL) block asking for all inlets being below liquid level.
Those tanks try to equalize pressure and thus there is volume flow between the tanks even if the pumps are shut off (see attached model). This is not the case in reality when there is free outflow above the liquid level.
Any idea anyone?
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Andreas am 28 Aug. 2023
Bearbeitet: Andreas am 28 Aug. 2023
thanks again - your model works and withstood all my testing so far. I'd like to mark your comment as solution - would you mind changing it to an answer?

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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang am 28 Aug. 2023
You can find here two examples on how to use a tank block and a partially filled pipe together in an isothermal liquid model. The corresponding components in the thermal liquid domain work in the same fashion. An example model, built to mimic your drawing of the design, is attached.
It appears to me that the key here are:
(1) make sure the total sum of height changes is zero for any loop.
(2) include an offset of the tank outlet height when calculating the AL signal for the partially filled pipe block, following the example in the Doc.

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