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save matrix command works sometimes and sometimes gives error

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I have been running a script that reads in data from multiple files, add them to a structure, and then save it. The code works just fine. But someitmes, it would give me an error.
Error using save
Unable to write file ColdFlow\Grid Resolution_ReOrder\MultitoSingleBlock\OutputFiles\OutputFilesForVisualization\Bfine.mat: Invalid argument.
Error in CollectData (line 110)
If I rerun the script again, the error won't show up.
I do run this script on google drive, when I leave out multiple cases to run overnight, this haapens. I am not sure if this is a sync related issue, or matlab related issue. How do I fix it? I need a relaible code, than I can leave running for days to generate data.
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Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong am 23 Jul. 2023
Bearbeitet: Bruno Luong am 23 Jul. 2023
@Priyank Anilchandra Dhyani if I was you I would never use
This is not robust as pwd can change, and the order of the path matters, multiple files with the same name can be found of different path,etc...
I'm not 100% sure if you have to add the absolute path of the file or the rootpath where the relative path is based on in the search path (meaning pwd).
More importantly I'm not sure how MATLAB search path would behave if for some reason the Google drive losts sync and strcat(pwd,'\',FolderName) become temporary invalid.
If you want to write robust code, this is NOT the way you should do.
I would reduce as much as possible program, context, config, etc.. that depend on google drive, mainly the only thing that remain is the file that you try to read and write.
Priyank Anilchandra Dhyani
Priyank Anilchandra Dhyani am 23 Jul. 2023
@Bruno Luong I totally agree with you, this can potentially increase a lot of problems in future to trace back the errrors. I will try to minimize the scripts dependency on google drive's sync.
Thank you very much!

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Jan am 22 Jul. 2023
Avoid strcat to create a folder name, but use fullfile, which cares for the correct separators.
A try/catch block is the way to go to catch and handle errors.
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Jan am 25 Jul. 2023
"Is there a fucntion similar to strcat?" - I've suggested fullfile already.
Instead of changing the path, it is safer to work with absolute path names. Replace:
cd ..
FullFolder = fullfile(pwd, FolderName);
if isfile(fullfile(FullFolder, 'ReyAvg.tec'))
Priyank Anilchandra Dhyani
Priyank Anilchandra Dhyani am 27 Jul. 2023
@Jan, I didnt realise fullfile is a function that I can use. Thank you very much, I will makes those changes!

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