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Brian on 31 Oct 2011
This may be a rather simple question for some but I am new to Matlab. I have written a function (in the process of automating a job) to use textscan to import some data prior to processing. I have a function that seems to work fine as a script, but for the function I've allowed the passing of a parm (FileName) so that I can go through and import multiple files. When I call the function it completes just fine, however there are no variables available in my workspace to be referenced for analysis. My Function is written as follows.
function ImportReturns2(MyFile)
%Create a connection to the file
FileToOpen = fopen(MyFile)
%Import the Returns Data using TextScan
MyData = textscan(FileToOpen, '%s %s %n','Delimiter',',')
%Close Connection to the File

Accepted Answer

Jan on 31 Oct 2011
Add an output to the function header:
function MyData = ImportReturns2(MyFile)
Then call the function like:
MyData = ImportReturns2('FileName');
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Brian on 31 Oct 2011
Thanks a lot for the quick response. I knew the solution would be easy.

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