How to get .m file definition programmatically?

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Travis Bueter
Travis Bueter am 20 Feb. 2023
Beantwortet: Image Analyst am 20 Feb. 2023
When looking at the Current Folder pane, the icons let you know if a m-file is a "script", "function", or "class" definition and if a .mlx is a "live script" or "live function". Is there any way to get that information programmatically using a built-in function?
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Travis Bueter
Travis Bueter am 20 Feb. 2023
Bearbeitet: Travis Bueter am 20 Feb. 2023
I am working to create a system to do a "health check" of our repositories that is performed by a CI system. Some of the checks include ensuring files are in the correct location (e.g. no scripts in certain folders, classes always in an @ folder when in a package, etc.) and other supplementary files exist (e.g. documentation, test files, etc.), which differ between classes and functions.
Currently I don't need to know if a script contains a local function.

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov am 20 Feb. 2023
It is possible differentiate .m and .mlx files by referring to their file extensions or simlarly, Simulink's .mdl and .slx or slxc files by using a wildcard, e.g.
Sm = dir('*.m') % Locates all M-files in the current directory % Names of M-files
numel(Sm) % How many M-file
% Similarly, MLX-files
Smlx = dir('*.mlx')
% Similarly, SLX files
Sslx = dir('*.slx')
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Travis Bueter
Travis Bueter am 20 Feb. 2023
Thank you for your response! Distinguishing the files by their extension is not the problem I am looking to solve. I added a comment to help clarify what my goal is:

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 20 Feb. 2023
Try using readlines then removing comments and see if the first line is classdef, function, or something else:
% Define filename.
fileName = 'testRGBImage.m';
% Read in all lines of a file.
allLines = readlines(fileName);
% Get rid of leading white space.
allLines = strtrim(allLines);
% Get rid of all lines that start with a comment.
c = startsWith(allLines, '%');
allLines(c) = [] % Delete lines starting with a comment.
% See if the first line of code is a classdef
itsAClass = contains(allLines{1}, 'classdef')
% See if the first line of code is a function declaration
itsAFunction = contains(allLines{1}, 'function')
% If it's not one of those, then it is a script (which may be followed by internal functions).
itsAScript = ~(itsAClass || itsAFunction)


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