MATLAB 2021a produces a compilation error on older MATLAB code.

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I have a MATLAB application written in MATLAB 2019a which I can compile into a .exe. I wish to port the code to 2021a. The application can be opened and closed without issues. But when I try to compile the code using mcc for 2021a, I get the following error message which I don't get when using 2019a.
Compiler version: 8.2 (R2021a)
Analyzing file dependencies.
Error while determining required deployable files. Compilation terminated. Details:
Unable to resolve the name dependencies.internal.graph.Node.createFileNode.
How do I debug this ?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 24 Jan 2023
I don't know. Maybe you're missing a file. How many dependent files are there? Do you want to see if I can compile it? If not, then call tech support. Or call the attached function in your startup code.

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