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How to add top and bottom x-axes labels to a heatmap?

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ct8 am 12 Jan. 2023
Beantwortet: Benjamin Kraus am 22 Dez. 2023
I have a heatmap to which I want to add two x-axes, top and bottom, representing two different quantities. Attached are the .fig I got, and the source .mat.

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Benjamin Kraus
Benjamin Kraus am 22 Dez. 2023
My answer from November 8, 2023 shows how to leverage tiledlayout to create an axes that sits under the heatmap and can be used to add additional labels. This same technique can be used to add duplicate labels on the top and bottom of the heatmap. It has working example code you can start with.

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Guilherme am 12 Jan. 2023
It shows how to add two axes to a single plot. Then, you'd need to use xlabel and reference the Xaxis that you want to change as the target. You'd need something like that:
t = tiledlayout(1,1);
target_bottom = axes(t);
% Plot Bottom
target_top = axes(t);
target_top.XAxisLocation = 'top';
% Plot Top
xlabel(target_bottom,'Bottom Axis')
xlabel(target_top,'Top Axis')
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ct8 am 13 Jan. 2023
I have tried this, but it is not working for my heat map. Essentially I want to know how to define the titled layout in my code which generates a heatmap.
% reproduce heatmap's colormap
cmap = [linspace(.9,0,n)', linspace(.9447,.447,n)', linspace(.9741,.741,n)'];
axis xy

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