Error converting string into cell array

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randsource = randi([1 size(images,1)]);% randomly sample 1 image store as randsource>> 1 = computer, 2 = human
sources = images(randsource).name; % get the corresponding name of the image
abc= str2double(convertCharsToStrings(sources)) % store the image under the conditions paramter
trialMatrix(t,7)= cellstr(abc)
Sources is an image, however I just need the name of it stored in the matrix, but I am aware that it needed to converted, just not sure how to convert it to a "double" as trialMatrix is a 1x 7 double for some reason, so that is the error I keep getting. Tried to convert num2cell but I have some characters that are stored.

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 5 Jan 2023
> Sources is an image, however I just need the name of it stored in the matrix
Assuming sources is a string or character vector, then imageNames or whatever variable used to store the image names should be a cell array
Pre-allocate imageNames using
imageNames = {};
% or
imageNames = cell(__,__); % if you know what size it should be
imageNames(t,7) = cellstr(sources);
You can get rid of the str2double line. This was converting "sources" to numeric (!?).
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 6 Jan 2023
Thanks for the screenshots. The variable types are what I expected.
  1. The imageNames is probably erased because you're creating that cell array using my suggestions after you've aleady assigned data to it. imageNames = {}; --or-- imageNames = cell(__,__) should be called before any data are assigned to that variable.
  2. "Conversion to double from cell is not possible" - this is the error message that is expected if you're trying to assigning a cell to a numeric array.

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