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How to effectively and optimally simulate multiple robotic platforms in Simscape Multibody

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Hi! I am attempting to simultaneously simulate 2 quadcopters in the Simscape Multibody environment as in attached Picture1. Basically, it is working but it obviously took a long time for Simulink to compile and run the model. My current architecture is similar to that is illustrated in attached Picture2 (I just copied and pasted the first quadcopter to make the second). I don't think that is the way that should be done to simulate multiple robotic platforms in Simscape Multibody.
So I wonder what are the common practices for simulating a simple robotic swarm in Simscape Multibody since I couldn't find existing examples. Moreover, where can I get the materials to somehow optimise and accelerate my model since much more complex examples of Simscape Multibody run much faster than my basic model with 1 quadcopter.
Thank you so much for your help!

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller am 9 Jan. 2023
There are many ways to accelerate your model. These can be combined for further speedup.
  1. Simplify the quadcopter model - can you make assumptions that simplify the quadcopter physics? For example, can you assume the quadcopter flight control system follows the desired trajectory? If you can eliminate fast spinning propellers and fast dynamics in the quadcopter itself, the simulation can take a larger step size, and it may also reduce compile time.
  2. Use scalable compilation - if you use the scalable recompilation settings in Simscape, multiple instances of the same quadcopter would only need to be compiled once.
  3. Use Fast Restart - this will eliminate the compilation stage completely.

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