Importing text file containing numbers and words

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Kamia Kavi
Kamia Kavi am 28 Dez. 2022
Beantwortet: Jan Studnicka am 28 Dez. 2022
I want to import a text file into MATLAB. I want MATLAB to ignore the first 3 lines, detect the 4th line as header, and identify data from the 6th row on. How can it be done?
var1 var2 var3
abc1 100 abc1
abc2 200 abc2
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Stephen23 am 28 Dez. 2022
"How can it be done?"
Of course: simply specify the appropriate options with READTABLE().
If you have any further questions, make sure that you upload a sample data file by clicking the paperclip button.
dpb am 28 Dez. 2022
See @doc:readtable with optional named parameters and detectImportOptions

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Jan Studnicka
Jan Studnicka am 28 Dez. 2022
data = readtable('soubor.txt','NumHeaderLines',3,'ReadVariableNames',true)

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