Comparison between 3D maps

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Federico Paolucci
Federico Paolucci on 23 Dec 2022
Commented: Federico Paolucci on 24 Dec 2022
Hello, I would like some advice on this: I have two 3D matrices A and B, 221x101x100 in size. They are matrices composed of elements 0 and 1 (they are binary matrices). I would like to make a comparison between the two matrices in the 4 cases
0 0
0 1
1 0
1 1
then, I have to plot the four cases with different colours. thanks for tha advice

Accepted Answer

Karim on 23 Dec 2022
Hello, you could use the scatter function to plot a sphere for the values that are true. Note, you need to use the ind2sub function if you want to obtain the 3D coordinates.
% set up random binary matrices...
A = rand(221,101,100) > 0.975;
B = rand(221,101,100) > 0.975;
% perform the comparison
A1B1 = A & B;
A0B1 = ~A & B;
A0B0 = ~A & ~B;
A1B0 = A & ~B;
% set up scatter points for 3D plot, using the indices as x,y,z values
[X,Y,Z] = ind2sub(size(A1B1),find(A1B1));
title('A = 1 & B = 1')
grid on

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