How can I calculate vector relative errors in percent?

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I have to calculated for each vector sample mean ms and variance vs and for
each calculated ms and vs calculate their relative errors in percent. How can I calculate their relative errors in percent?
It would be great if somebody give some examples.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 4 Dec 2022
You need to have a reference signal. Note: variance of a signal is not the error of a signal unless the true signal is a constant, which would be a true variance of zero. For example a true noiseless sine wave would have a variance but that is not an error -- it's the true signal.
You can compute the percentage error from your reference signal like this
pctMeans = 100 * abs(refSignal - testSignal) ./ refSignal;

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Torsten on 4 Dec 2022
x = rand(100,1);
ms = mean(x);
vs = var(x);
relative_error_ms_in_percent = abs(ms-0.5)/0.5 * 100
relative_error_ms_in_percent = 0.0043
relative_error_vs_in_percent = abs(vs-1/12)/(1/12) * 100
relative_error_vs_in_percent = 4.9800

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