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Unable to process the data of a text file from a series of subfolders to get the required image.

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I am trying to plot a power spectral density map from FFT calculations. I can read all tables from a series of folders. But I failed to get the required plot. The image showed the results of only the first table. Could you please look into the following code and help me out?
allTables = dir('**/table.txt');
for index = 1:numel(allTables)
thisFolder = allTables(index).folder;
inFile = fullfile(thisFolder, allTables(index).name);
A = readmatrix(inFile);
% do stuff ...
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Sateesh Kandukuri
Sateesh Kandukuri am 18 Nov. 2022
Dear Jan, the problem is with the condtion I = find(abs(A(:,11)-B) < Bstep/2);. the value in the 11th column of the table is almost constant. It is approximately equal to defined B. The table from the second folder has an 11th-column value is 0.0040000007, and the last folder table has 0.07200002. If I use the condition I = find(A(:,11)==B); all columns of the matrix were not filled. Can you please help me out? I am attaching tables from three consecutive folders for your reference.

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