Organizing 2D matrices of unequal column length into single 3D array

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Hey !
I am trying to arrange my 2D matrix data of unequal coulumn length as a 3D array. I can do it for equal length matrices but requires help for unequal matrices. I used the following code for equal lengths but can anyone help in modifying this code for arranging 2D matrices of unequal length into 3D array. The empty elements may taken as NaN.
% Let Num of 2D arrays
for ind=1:x
my2Darray = [I,V];
my3Darray(:,:,ind) = my2Darray;
Rab Nawaz
Rab Nawaz on 31 Oct 2022
@DGM, thanks for your comments. Infact, I will generate faults in power transmission lines for fault classification study and format the data in form of matrix. The number of rows will be according to duration of faults that I will generate. Fortunately, the answer of @Adam Danz will help me to arrage the data of variable size.

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Accepted Answer

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 28 Oct 2022
Moved: Adam Danz on 31 Oct 2022
Use padarray to pad your matricies to a standard size. Then you can concatenate them using cat.

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