Save figures created on Matlab within a folder

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I have a series of images generated by a code, for example this one:
A = imread('Example.jpg');
B = imread('Example1.jpg');
C = imread('Example2.jpg');
I want to save these images inside a new folder while keeping the size and name.
I am using mkdir to create a new folder "NewFolder" within a specific folder:
parentdir = 'C:\Users\Alberto\Downloads';
ROOT_FOLDER = 'NewFolder';
newfolder = fullfile(parentdir, sprintf('%s%d', ROOT_FOLDER));
creation_new_folder = mkdir(newfolder);
I do not understand at this point how to save the images created inside this "NewFolder". I thought of something like this but, of course, it doesn't work:
Alberto Acri
Alberto Acri on 28 Oct 2022
Edited: Alberto Acri on 28 Oct 2022
@KALYAN ACHARJYA could you please point me to which question would be helpful to my case? I have seen many questions, but none apply to my case. I thank you.
I am currently using the following code:
close all
clear all
% figures already created in a previous code (there are more than 3, usually a variable number)
fig_A = imread('Example.jpg');
fig_B = imread('Example1.jpg');
fig_C = imread('Example2.jpg');
h(1) = image(fig_A);
h(2) = image(fig_B);
h(3) = image(fig_C);
destdirectory = 'C:\Users\Alberto\Downloads\NewFolder';
mkdir(destdirectory); % create the directory
I would like to save the generated images (fig_A, fig_B, fig_C), which actually in the code I am using are not numbered, inside the created folder "NewFolder".
I tried using these lines of code:
thisimage = 'NAME.jpg'; % name I want to give the figures (possibly like "fig_1", "fig_2", "fig_3", etc.)
fulldestination = fullfile(destdirectory, thisimage);
generated_figures = fig_B; % I would like to insert in this line the figures (in the example there are 3 figures) that I generated above
imwrite(generated_figures, fulldestination);

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Answers (1)

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 28 Oct 2022
  1. creation_new_folder = mkdir(newfolder); --- "newfolder" is the path to your new folder. "creation_new_folder" is the status of the folder-creation (=1 means successful)
  2. When saving a specific figure, specify the figure handle as well as the path in the saveas()
fig = figure()
status = mkdir(newfolderPath);
saveas(fig, newfolderPath)
This is all explained in mkdir, saveas.


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