solver error containing nonlinear trajecttory input

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Caused by: Solver was unable to reduce the step size without violating minimum step size of 4.62223E-33 for 1 consecutive times at time 1.30104E-18. Solver will continue simulation with the step size restricted to 4.62223E-33 and using an effective relative error tolerance of 0.00271997, which is greater than the specified relative error tolerance of 0.001. This usually may be caused by the high stiffness of the system. Please check the system or increase the solver Number of consecutive min steps violation parameter.

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 18 Nov 2022
This diagnostic indicates you have something very abruptly happening near the start of the simulation. You will need to look at your model and figure out which components have variables that are changing rapidly. The Simulink Solver Profiler can help you with that. Or, you could share your model here.

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