Histogram or heatmap with self-defined values.

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Hello all,
I would like to have a heatmap or histogram 2D (whichever works better) that plots values in the boxes I specify.
X = [1;2;3];
Y = [10;20;30];
mainvalue = [4;76;8];
array = [X,Y,mainvalue];
So if X has the value 2 and Y has the value 20, for example, then mainvalue has the value 76.
Basically I try to change the height of the bins with fixed values from a vector (here mainvalue).
This is how it should look, except that the bins contain the values of mainvalue:
Axis labeling does not match example!

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Accepted Answer

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 7 Oct 2022
Edited: Adam Danz on 7 Oct 2022
You have (x,y) coordinates and my interpretation is that you'd like to use color or another property to represent a third value mainvalue. One option is a scatter plot:
X = [1;2;3];
Y = [10;20;30];
mainvalue = [4;76;8];
scatter(X,Y,100,mainvalue,'filled'); % 3rd arg defines size
cb = colorbar();
ylabel(cb, 'mainvalue')
axis padded
box on
grid on

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